Music Production


  • Audio Recording
  • Remote Recording
    Our comprehensive networking capabilities allow us to link via Source-Connect with other recording facilities around the world. This means any of our rooms can be interconnected with other studios with networking capabilities.


If you feel you need creative direction with your project, our producers are available to guide you. Whether you want input on how to execute a specific sound or desire your old track to come alive with new musical ideas, we can help.

  • Music Production
    Musical and technical creative direction.
  • Music Arranging/Remixing
    Improvement of a musical composition.
  • Harmony/Chord Progression Consultation
    Help to find a desired harmony/chord progression.
  • Music Programming
    Creation of musical parts using sequencers (i.e. beats, synth parts, string/brass sections, etc)
  • Jingle Production
    The composition of a short musical theme or melody for advertising applications.


Whether you need detailed pitch correction, audio quantization, synchronizing audio to image/video, or any other editing services, our engineers are available to edit your files.

  • Vocal Tuning
  • Sound Editing for music
  • Sound and Dialogue Editing for video and film


Whether it’s an all in-the-box mix, a full analog desk mix, or a combination of the two, we are certain we can put you in the right environment for mixing your project, and match you up with the perfect setup for your mix. Or, if you prefer, we can mix your project for you.

  • Session Prep/Cleaning for Mixing
    Preparing tracks for the mixing process.
  • Mixing for music works
    Volume levels balancing, equalization and effects.
  • Mastering for music works