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Aurora Album Review

“Aurora” Review

The album “Aurora” by Morwic is absolutely stunning. Ethereal, mystical, haunting… within seconds, the first track, “Calypso”, brought tears to my eyes; it was deeply moving. As an author, an artist, and a musician, I can feel the unfolding story as I move through the album.

Clearly, Morwic is a deeply sensitive soul and gifted in unique musical self-expression in a way that mere words fail to describe. As I listen to each track, I am transported a little further from my own daily concerns and taken deeper into a meditative, restful, and dare I say magical place.

I have heard a lot of ambient music as I live a very spiritual life. I can honestly say that Morwic’s music has just risen to the top of my list of favourites. I close my eyes…I hear the gentle sweetness of violins juxtaposed with feeling the power of the Universe.

Morwic’s beautiful music is a perfect accompaniment to meditation, to creative endeavors such as art or writing, to any kind of soul-connecting work such as journalling.

I am a huge fan and can’t wait to share Morwic’s brilliance with my family and friends. This music is so powerful and so moving…simply exquisite.

Source: libertyforrest – https://twitter.com/libertyforrest